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Thirteen years ago, Keith McCrea relocated to Phoenix, Arizona from Camden, New Jersey.  Health issues were the primary motivator.  Moving to the dry climate and new environment, resurrected in Keith a passion for self-development.  Alongside the choice for reinvention, birthed the intensity to give back to the community on a volunteer basis. 

Mr. McCrea has more than fifteen years experience as a counselor, mentor, and peer support specialist. He has inspired ex-offenders, and those recovering from addiction the hope to maximize their potential to become law abiding citizens reducing the nationwide recidivism rate.

Based on the determination to better himself, Mr. McCrea returned to college in pursuit of four academic degrees. He gives back to the community by volunteering his services with the Arizona Informant, NAACP, Black Wall Street Arizona, and Asylum Advocates while polishing his oratorical skills with Toastmaster’s International. 

Keith McCrae, Sr., CPSS: About Me
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